All of a sudden our POS integrated security camera solution has taken off. While we have some good sites, it’s not a product which has been a best seller. It’s like health insurance, you’re more likely to take it after a health scare or when you hear of someone having a health scare.

Thanks to some good recent word of mouth from success stories, we have plenty of enquiries from existing customers wanting to integrate their Tower Systems POS software with our video recording and searching solution. These, of course, will build even stronger word of mouth.

We’re the only software company in each of our markets with such a solution that we know of and this is also binging new POS customers to us.

What’s smart about our offering is that we bridge our POS software and the video technology to enable fast searching of incidents of interest – discounts, returns, end of shift, cancelled sales, deleted items and the like. Owners can focus on these events of interest rather than watching surveillance cameras for too long.