Our CRM project continues to seep further into the Tower Systems business. While our sales team has been automated for some months, last week our scheduling people started using CRM to schedule installation and training visits as well as other resources. Next week the plan is to trial switching over the help desk.

Like every internal project we undertake, the core question is – where is the customer in all this? Thanks to our CRM project we are better equipped to have a whole of company view of each customer relationship. This eliminates the silo approach where accounts didn’t know what support knew and so on. In a small but very busy business like ours – with over 2,500 customers – this whole of company view is time saving of itself.

Another benefit for our customers is the time we are saving in getting information to them. Whereas in the past we might have had to write a letter or address an envelope or send a fax, we’re able to do this from within CRM more often than not and therefore free time for delivering better customer service.

The CRM project has taken longer than we anticipated. This is in part due to poor service from our CRM supplier – Aaromba. We’d never use them again.