I am often asked by small business owners what makes our software different to that from MYOB. Besides the obvious functional differences of software made for a specific marketplace, there is the customer service difference – our phones are answered by humans. Then there is our face to face contact. Take user meetings for example – our national user meting tour keeps getting extended. We have added more dates to accommodate those who want to meet face to face with members of our team.

What’s great about these sessions is that they are focused 100% of helping our clients build better businesses. Ten or so years ago there would have been complaints about our customer service. Not now. The meetings are packed with business questions and discussion between our clients – users helping users to get more from their IT investment.

The next dates are:

Sydney. Tuesday May 29. 10am.
Dubbo. Wednesday May 30. 10am.
Melbourne. Thursday May 31. 10am.
Hobart. Tuesday June 12. 10am.
Perth. Wednesday June 14. 10am
Darwin. June 22. 10am (Date just added – kind of a junket for the Tower people who get to do this one.)

The Sydney and Melbourne dates are the third for those cities.

Anyone is welcome to attend including people who do not currently use the Tower software.