While we are happy to land a $7,995 hardware, software and services point of sale order, a colleague in another marketplace is focused solely on $150,000+ software only orders. Curiously, we both consider the other has the tougher job.

From my perspective I see considerable value in closing many smaller transactions each year. It means my business is less reliant on a single big deal to make budget and therefore less reliant on the quirks related to big deals which can so easily derail them.

With business coming from many smaller deals we have learned to let go quickly if we miss a sale and pursue other hotter prospects in our pipeline. Arrogantly, our view is that the lost sale will be a client tomorrow. It’s a view built on 26 years in this business.

We have found a way, within Tower Systems, to make many smaller sales and smaller annual value clients work for our business. This is, of course, built around our software and our support working for our clients.

While my colleague landing bigger deals may make a healthier commission from each sale, he has, a risk which I am glad to leave to him.

All these smaller transactions provide a consistency which many software companies would crave.