As I blogged at my Newsagency Blog, this past week has been a reminder of the value to us of owning a newsagency. We serve over 1,400 newsagents with point of sale (POS) and home delivery software. I’ve owned a newsagency for 11 years and over time have become a bit blasé about this. Daniel Kenny joined Tower Systems on Monday of this week to work out of our Brisbane office. He spent much of his first week behind the counter at our newsXpress Forest Hill store. There is no better way for a Help Desk team member to understand the needs of our clients than to use our software in a live situation. It helps us contextualize support calls and humanise the relationship we have with our customers.

Software companies often talk about the killer app – the killer program which will make their business. In my case, it’s the ownership of my newsagency. For eleven years it has provided the point of difference which ensures better software and better service. Daniel’s experience is a good reminder of the value of having the newsagency.