I was being interviewed yesterday afternoon for a magazine article and the journalist kept pushing as to why I have remained focused on small businesses for clients and why I did not evolve the company into larger businesses and markets. Since before I started Tower Systems in 1981 I knew there was more money working with bigger businesses but, having been employed in some, I felt there was less passion and, for me at least, less of a sense of value to the organisation.

When answering the journalist’s question I was reminded of an answer a recent new team member game when I asked him the same question in the interview. He told me about his bigger business experience and how we wanted to work somewhere his presence would be felt, where he, personally, could make a difference. He was coming from a company with over 1,000 employees to a company with 40 or so and his desire was to be noticed. His passion to make a difference was motivating.

It’s the same challenges small businesses themselves have – to be noticed. Sometimes we lose the passion in the day to day but it is never far away. All it takes is for someone to ask the right question and you find yourself reminding yourself why small businesses are important to a country and why, in my case, helping them improve efficiency is an honorable mission.