We have been asked by both sides of several marriage disputes recently to provide evidence for possible court action. Such requests place us in a difficult situation as the it usually comes from a lawyer fishing for evidence against the other side. The problem for us is that the other side is also our client.

In one instance a few years ago I was asked how our software could be used to demonstrate a particular position a lawyer wanted to prove in a divorce matter – a position we did not see supported by the data. When I advised this, the lawyer threatened me. Thankfully, the matter settled before the threat of being “aggressively examined in the witness box” became a reality.

Our core concern is always for the person in control of the software running the business on a day to day basis. Sometimes, because of games of lawyers, it is challenging to determine the identity of this person.

We try and take these calls between disputing parties in a business offline, away from the day to day Help Desk function. Sometimes lawyers keep calling until they get someone to say something even close to what they want to hear, even if there is no evidence to support this. It’s unfair to the Help Desk team to thrust them into a dispute where every word they utter could be twisted way beyond the intent.