For well over a year now our point of sale software for newsagents has facilitated the sale of mobile phone recharge from any point of sale screen. It was straightforward for us to implement thanks to the wide use of touch screens across our 1,400 newsagent customers. The benefit for them is that they can sell these recharge vouchers from any register while others without the facility have to use a purpose built terminal which is somewhat slow. On a busy day there can be a queue.

This is on my mind today because I was talking with a newsagent who does not use our software and he was surprised to discover that we had this facility. It’s the type of feature which will bring him across to our software and while that is good, I am more concerned at the ineffectiveness of our marketing campaign around the launch of this facility last year. We clearly did not cut through on what is a major differentiator between our software and the others in the newsagency marketplace.

Newsagents using our integrated mobile phone recharge facilities will sell more vouchers than those without it. This is because of better customer service and greater employee confidence – the up sell is easier and therefore more likely to be offered.

So, for our marketing team, it’s back to the drawing board on what is a valuable point of difference which we delivered to our customers without cost.