At Tower Systems we treat all of our customers as equal. There are no favours when it comes to customer service or support fees. We do our very best in providing professional and timely support to all of our customers. There is no other way in our view. Our approach – treating everyone equally – means that people who say kind things about our software and our support do so from the basis of usual operation.

A competitor recently gave a customer a massive discount to stop them switching to us. While this is their right, I feel for their loyal customers who receive no such discount. I wonder how this company would react if everyone of their customers threatened to switch to us. Would they give everyone a support fee discount of $1,600 or more? I suspect not. If their customers threatened they would move to Tower Systems, would they waive their annual licence fee just to keep them? I suspect not.

Discounting to keep a customer puts you on a slippery slope. It tells your customers and your competitors that there is no service difference – it is all about price. It exposes a weakness in your operation.

A business which cares about its customers would be public about its support fees and charge all customers using the same software the same fee. This offering of steep discounts here and full price there is disrespectful and will ultimately hurt the business.