More than thirty of our clients were affected by faulty touch screens manufactured by 3M. After lengthy and robust representations from us seeking their attention, 3M agreed to a program of swapping the faulty screen in each affected location. This project took some time to complete and had to be done in a way which ensured continued smooth operation of our client sites. Our time commitment was considerable managing the shipping and changeover of replacement screens and then getting the faulty screens back to 3M. Thankfully, the project is over and, it appears, everyone is happy.

While 3M carried the cost of shipping screens around the country and they provided a spare screen to support the project, they have not agreed to any compensation for the considerable time lost in diagnosing and proving the problem to 3M management and managing the replacement project. This is one reason the 3M touch screens are not currently on our list of recommended hardware.

3M could have been more proactive and saved us considerable time in managing the replacement project.