I am curious about the different lines of communication we use to reach our customers and their effectiveness. For most of our 26 years we have published a monthly newsletter and sent this by snail mail. For several years we have also published a weekly email bulletin – this goes to around 1,000 of our customers. Around two years ago we started blogging here with news for our customers as well as commentary on more general topics.

Each method reaches a different group of our customers – this is why we continue with the snail mail newsletter. While we would like to switch to 100% online communication, we clearly cannot given its continued use by our customers. It is somewhat frustrating because we know that the customers who remain focused on print for communication are the ones likely to be left behind by the wider business world as more B2B transactions and communications move online.

We’re taking this on board as a broader challenge – to help our customers shift reliance from print to online. While we will maintain our various communication channels, we will, from time to time, make online offers only as a commercial incentive to help educate those in our community.