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Scientology in the news

I am following the Scientology press coverage in Australia with interest. Not to diminish the tragedy of the current case in NSW, I am fascinated by the Scientology business model and how they dress up as a religion and get away with it.

I saw some of how Scientology operates, in a commercial sense, first hand when I purchased another software company in the jewellery space in 2000. What was not disclosed during due diligence was that the business was run according to Scientology principles. Indeed, one of the training programs the company required customers to undertake was connected with the Church. Once I discovered this we researched further and found the business on a list of what appeared to be approved businesses by and for Scientologists.

Things went pear shaped when I stopped the Scientology connection for customer training. The Scientology employees left along with some customers. Today, seven years on, the business is better off. We have replaced the old software and rebuilt a good client base.

One of the flash points soon after the take over revolved around the treatment of some employees. I suspected the mental health of one person involved but could not engage in discussion. I looked for answers in historic files from and found other employee trouble when the owner at that time demanded new employees undertake a Scientology course. What this had to do with customer service is beyond me. Legal action at the time agreed.

The more scrutiny of Scientology the better. Without wanting to make any religious commentary I am surprised other religions tolerate Scientology being accepted as a religion in this country.



  1. You should do more research then:

    You’ve already made a religious commentary by posting what you have.


  2. Dave, your link does not work. I’ve made a couple of comments but I’d hardly call it commentary. Based on my experience with Scientology I could write for weeks – it’s a con. Mark


  3. An expression of opinion is a ‘commentary’ which doesn’t mean it has to be taken in a plural sense. Since there are attacks occurring on these websites, they are temporarily down.


  4. No worries Dave. The sites are still down – hopefully like the fake religion.


  5. What a pity, they’re up and running again!


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