matching_price.JPGThis type of marketing, we will match any advertised price blah blah blah, surprises me. My take is that rather than go to the effort of developing and promoting a unique and compelling offer, they have paid for a sign that screams laziness: ME TOO.

Maybe I am missing something but I do not see the business sense in this move of copying someone else. I would expect consumers would see it as lazy, maybe they don’t.

The sign says to me that choosing a pharmacy is about price yet the professional nature of pharmacy service suggests price should not be the issue. Once you take this me too route it would be hard to go back to regular pricing.

I suspect the pharmacist had the sign I saw today put up in response to the various discount pharmacies which have opened around Melbourne. History shows that there are far more effective ways to compete with volume based discount businesses. These include focusing on service, range and accessibility. Meeting a new competitor in their price playground often ends in tears.