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Telstra sucks

I cancelled (in writing) a mobile modem account I had with Telstra a year ago – after it was out of contract. yesterday I received a notice they were handing the matter to their debt collectors – chasing $222.00. By my reckoning Telstra owes me around $500.00 because the account was mistakenly paid for several months after it was cancelled. The $220.00 relates to charged raised months after the cancellation. The modem was not used in that time.

I have written to Telstra eight times about this and I have called them. All to no avail.

That my letters and calls go unanswered is evidence of an organisation which cares little for its customers.


  1. Telstra constantly get it so wrong… I can’t understand how a company that has the potetntial to satisfy every customer possible just balls everything up

    please register at hellstra.com.au and share this with other telstra haters

  2. Is there anyone here who hates Telstra and who plays guitar and can sing ? Reason is I have a funny satire on their “theme song” “I am Australian” , I’d love to get it sung so i can add vid to it and through it up on u-tube. Anyone interested pls e-mail me ! jfcjem@gmail.com

  3. Oh so right. And what’s with the call centre closing at 5.30pm? It’s probably only midday in Mumbai!
    Checking out that website dude….

  4. beat this, telstra sent me a bill for $0.03. as i refused to pay $0.03, they sent the matter onto the collection agency. for 3 friggin cents. after a yelling match with someone in new delhi, they wrote the amount off. how nice of telstra….

  5. Think I can. Telstra sent me to a debt collector for a account for a landline for a home I don’t live in. Threatened to list me with the CRA if I didn’t pay some 800plus dollars in 2 days. NICE!!!!!! After 3 hours, six phone calls, being routed from dept to dept and 3 seperate managers they finally admitted it was their fault and fixed the matter. No apology for my time wasted and my stress, in fact they acted as though I should be greatful they refunded the monies to my eroneous account.

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