Five months ago we opened our first Gift Shop. We did this, in part, to gain experience in the gift shop space, to better understand the management and reporting needs of gift shop owners using our Gift Shop software.

Today, five months on, the experience is proving most worthwhile on a range of fronts. The shop, Sophie Randall Cards and Gifts, is doing very well. The shop is serving as a place where we can play with our technology, adjust its facilities to better serve our growing gist shop user community.

The needs of gift shop owners are unique in some key areas. To be able to develop our IP in a live environment to better serve our customers further separates our offering from the generic off the shelf point of sale solutions.

We have taken this approach previously – when we purchased a newsagency in 1996. In each case – with the newsagency and the gift shop – we resource them separately and provide our in-store teams with authority to operate separate to our software business.

Our software is already benefiting from facilities developed as a result of our Gift Shop experience. Since we understand what is possible with technology we will tend to add facilities which other Gift Shop owners may not see as possible.