newsagents-catalogue.jpgHere are the first three panels from our new newsagent brochure. This will arrive in the main in Australian newsagencies from early next week.

Like the other brochures in the series our focus is on the positive impact using Tower Systems’ software can have on a newsagency and all stakeholders from employees to family to suppliers.

With more than 1,400 newsagents actively using our software today we have a wonderful community of newsagencies of all sizes from which to draw ideas to continually improve our offering – this process of constant improvement is imparted in the brochure.

We know form our own experiences in recent years that providing excellent software backed by the best possible yet fairly priced service where all customers are treated equally pays off wonderfully. The brochure helps us celebrate that and invites more newsagents to join with us.

In the cover letter being sent with the brochure we continue our theme around the newsagency of the future – our mission to help our customers cultivate good data to drive better business decisions which, of themselves, help our customers find their own newsagency of the future.