bikes_catalogue.JPGHere are the first three panels of the new brochure we have created for the bike retail marketplace.

We have been selling software to bike retailers for six years and have around 17% of all bike retailers as customers.

A challenge in creating the brochure was to connect with bike shop owners – they are not your traditional business owners in that most are connected with their product category in a deeply personal way. They range from passionate weekend riders to former Olympians who have achieved success on the world stage. What they all share in common is a passion for their product unlike any other retail category in which we serve today.

The synergy between bike retail and newsagencies and other markets in which we serve is deeper than would be obvious to the casual observer. While I am not about to share commercially valuable insights here, I would note that there are enhancements in our newsagency software which have come directly from our bike experience – and vice versa. It is this broader retail world view which guides us to provide balance in our software offering.

The brochure was mailed last week and based on calls yesterday we are predicting that it will be one of the most successful we have ever sent to bike retailers.