The best backup for any computer systems is the backup which works that one time you need it to work. This means that the time spent backing up most evenings is considered by many to be dead time.

We had a client not long ago whose business was razed by fire. They called us early the next morning in urgent need of some computers to get their newspaper home delivery business running again and to thank us for driving home the backup message.

They used to backup on tape overnight. While we said they could do that, we pointed out the risk of tape: it can break, it is slow, and, it is usually run overnight. They switched to what we recommended and therefore had an up to date copy of their data off site and missed nothing.

While we don’t mind what our customers use to backup their data, our recommendation is that they backup to USB with a separate USB for each day of the week and with these stored off site.

We offer a free backup check where we restore a backup, test the data and ensure that current data is being backed up safely.