We are contemplating offering Help Desk coverage on Saturdays. Currently, weekend support is covered as part of our after hours offering – with our customers having access to seven mobile phones for support on urgent matters.

We figured that by office an office based Help Desk service we might better serve our customers. The challenge is that to open an office based Help Desk on the weekend would require several people – to properly cover multiple calls at once.

I know from my time in the office on weekends that we won’t need to promote the service since we people often call the office before they call the after hours numbers.

Offering a weekend service like this out of our office would add to our costs – above and beyond the costs to the business for providing mobile phone based coverage. Experience suggests that around 40% of our customers would use the service at some point. So, the question becomes whether we take on the extra cost or continue to rely on the mobile phone coverage.

We may experiment under the radar and see how it goes.