The Melbourne Gift Fair has been on for the last five days. It is a massive event across two large locations. I have been fortunate to get to the Fair twice. The first visit was to look at product for our gift shop and the second to talk with other gift shop owners and suppliers about our software.

The Gift marketplace is relatively new for us and events such as the Melbourne Fair allow us to more deeply immerse ourselves in the needs of our new and prospective customers.

Visiting the fair this week highlights the difference between the gift space and newsagents the market where we have the biggest footprint. Newsagents would not spend five days walking a trade show – even if there were enough suppliers.

The Fair demonstrates the control gift shop owners have over their businesses. With this control comes the challenge of having the best possible product available. This is where some of our smart reporting and management tools come into play. By seeing more of the product our customers carry and understanding the interrelationships of the various categories, we are able to plan software enhancements which will better serve.