Yesterday was one of those days when a key issue dominated. The issue was employee theft. Not here, but in businesses in which our software is used and elsewhere among small businesses. It started with a call from a customer concerned that something may not be right.

As is the case with these things, I’d tend to receive the call – an owner to owner call appears less stressful than them discussing what they see as failure with someone on our Help Desk. In a few minutes he had enough evidence from his system to make contact with the police.

Next was a call from a police officer we are helping prepare a case on behalf of a client. There were questions about keystroke patters and how these are reliable indicators of theft or fraud.

In the afternoon I was interviewed for an article about theft in small business and as is often the case with such interviews, one comes away better informed thanks to good questions.

Early in the evening was a call from an employee asking the wrong question of the wrong person – I’ve let the owner know that they need to take control back over their data by protecting high level passwords more.

Theft management tools, while not our core product, are important to what we do. They help our customers reduce the cost of theft in their business. Beyond the tools, however, is the service we provide – encouragement and guidance on addressing the issue. We have learnt from our own experience in retail that theft is part of the turf. How you manage it can make or break you.