Today I was fortunate to attend a conference hosted by ACP Magazines in Sydney. I was there as a newsagent -= for those new here, I bought a newsagency in February 1996 to provide a live place where my team and I could test and muck around with our software in pursuit of a better product.

Sitting in the conference room and mixing with other newsagents it reminded me of the privilege of being a customer using our software. Every day we are accessing an experience unlike any other computer company serving newsagents. We have exclusive insight but more important, we have peer level access to our existing customers.

Over lunch there was a question from someone using our software which led to a broader business discussion. Such contact is invaluable and beyond what a software company could expect through a traditional client relationship. Being available at events such as the ACP Magazines conference holds me and everyone in my software company accountable to our 1,435+ customers and for that I am grateful.