I was talking with Wayne, one of our team last night who had earlier this week completed his first new customer training session. The training was part of the free day we give anyone buying a business using our software. Wayne commented on how different it was training a business owner compared to training new team members at McDonalds in a previous role.

At McDonalds Wayne was training Gen Y employees, his peers. Here, her is training Baby Boomers and older. While the stakes are higher, it is how you communicate which interested him. At McDonalds there was some levity during the training because that’s the way of the generation. With our software training, it’s business and there is a commercial imperative/desire to get the most from a business perspective out of the training.

Thinking about the comments afterwards, I want to find out more about the McDonalds training. It may be that Wayne’s experience and the experiences of others who have trained Gen Y might help us help our customers better train this generation in how to use the Tower software to better serve the business.