common_problems.JPGWe are publishing this sheet to all of our users this week in an effort to help them resolve four common, yet simple, problems quickly and without the need to call. While we’re happy to take calls for these four issues, we felt that publishing this advice might help people resolve the simple issues sooner – especially if the problem occurs in the evening or on the weekend.

Like any Help Desk, a challenge we face is separating basic questions from more serious issues. If we can help our users deal with basic questions themselves, we can free our specialist IT team for the more complex problems. It’s all about trying to improve our service levels.

Given how well our Advice Sheets are being used by our customers it was logical that we tried the same approach in dealing with these four common questions.

We tested the advice sheet two weeks ago with some of our customers and their feedback has driven changes to make the advice clearer and the sheet easier to navigate.