It is interesting to see the impact of APEC on small businesses. Beyond the traffic snarls in and around the city, there is the unexpected holiday tomorrow to navigate and all manner of delivery issues. The knock on effect I am seeing is considerable.

Take newsagencies, for example, there is a bumper edition of the Sydney Morning Herald meaning retail and home delivery price changes, distribution changes and the challenge of turning a one day paper into a two day paper with new pricing and explaining that to regular customers. Then there is the disruption to the usual Friday – a big magazine day.

This affects us because we have 1,400+ newsagent customers and technology is at the core of the disruption. Help deks calls are up as is tension as a result of the challenge to a usual life. We have prepared in advance by publishing advice on handling APEC challenges in an operational sense. It’s the calls from those who did not plan with us early which are taking yesterday and today.

I am not complaining about APEC, merely observing that way below all the press stories about the conference and it’s impact, there are ripples at the tiny end of town which, to the businesses involved, are challenging.