In 1998 we launched our first portable device interface – to provide newsagents with the ability to manage newspaper home delivery from in the vehicle. We were using ebook technology initially with great success.

In the ten years since we have released enhancements to this technology including an interface to the Sony PSP device launched at my Newsagency Blog in this post in October 2005. Many of our 1,400+ newsagent customers have ditched the daily printing of newspaper home delivery run lists for these portable electronic versions. They’re saving paper and time. Many have done for years.

Back in 1998 we were leading the world – I know because of meetings I had in the US and UK at the time with software companies working on solutions for newsagents and others delivering newspapers and magazines.

This is on my mind today because two of our competitors in the newsagency space have started touting their offering of similar functionality. While they are welcome to add such functionality, to claim it as innovative is spin at best. This is not new technology. They are not innovating, they are catching up.