We met with a major supplier to newsagents in Victoria yesterday and were pleased to discover that it is only those using our software who are meeting the data exchange (EDI) compliance KPIs set by the supplier. Kudos for Tower Newsagents is a blow for newsagents who have invested in software from competitors. The channel needs to be compliant, not just half the newsagents in the channel.

I am frustrated because our software has been compliant with this supplier for two years. I see that as two years lost to the channel because the supoplier has not jhad access to up to date EDI data. Newsagents lose since they are being supplied based on manual, out of date, data.

We’re not perfect. Eleven of our 345 newsagent customers do have out of date software which we stopped selling in 1998. They need help in becoming compliant and we will work with them to reach the industry standard benchmark. Eleven is nothing compared to the hundreds of others who are not compliant.