pack_ship.JPGLogistics plays a big part in what our small business software company handles each day. The collection of boxes in the photo are being shipped to one of the eight sites we will be installing next week. Each box contains components we have unplaced, installed and tested. We then repack and reinforce to protect against shipping damage.

The work done here testing and installing hardware is crucial to ensuring that our on site installations go smoothly. It allows our installation team to focus more on training than basic hardware setup work. It also ensures adherence to standards for system setup. By controlling all hardware centrally we can ensure quality – crucial for any business relying on computer systems.

The most frustrating aspect of what we do in configuring systems centrally is dealing with the courier businesses. It is all care and no responsibility. The impact down the line when a box goes missing or is damaged is significant. To protect us from this impact we usually work eight to ten days out – except for WA and NT installations, we give them more time.

We enjoy the hardware component of our business as it provides us more input on and control over the customer experience.