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Broadband is essential at the sales counter

Broadband is not an option for retail businesses any more. With so many products and services sold over the counter and pulled from suppliers on an as needed basis, retail businesses cannot afford to be out of the game. From a support perspective, Broadband has come into its own – we connect daily with clients as if we are in their shop. Problems are fixed sooner and faster. Broadband is clearly essential to business.

If it were up to me and I were a product supplier to retailers, I’d make having broadband (where it is available) mandatory – otherwise business is too slow.


  1. I am still amazed when suppliers ask me whether we use email or not … of course we use email!

    It makes me wonder how many small business retailers don’t embrace such technology – even something such as email, which is not new by any stretch of the imagination.

    We upgraded to ADSL+2 over 12 months ago after standard ADSL just wan’t meeting our (ie MY) demand. We are upgrading this again in two months to cope with growing use and to facilitate more functionality at the sales counter.

    I agree, mandatory broadband. It is not an unreasonable requirement.

  2. Jarryd I’d estimate that in the newsagency channel around 20% would have broadband. Dreadful.

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