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Brilliant customer service from Connex

carriage.JPGThis is a brilliant piece of customer service from Connex, the operators of trams and trains in Victoria. There is no ‘I’ in Carriage is a booklet by Martin Merton. It has advice on being a more considerate commuter – all very tongue in cheek. Hilarious!

Martin Merton, the book and the accompanying website have all been created by the Leo Burnett agency.

Communicating regulations and the like can be a challenge. This campaign shows how it can be done with fun. It’s a brilliant example of a left field approach to customer service.

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  1. Etiquette also entails being punctual, Connex consistently fails this test.

    The booklet mentions leaving mess in the trains – Connex encourages the mess by allowing MX to give commuters a throw-away paper!

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