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Shopfitting season

Every shopfitter I know is crazy busy right now – in every state of Australia. Their business is a problem for us when fits are delayed and new shops are not ready for installation. Twice in the last week this has happened and the knock on effect is considerable. We usually cannot resell the two or three days we have kept our team available for; we then have to find spare days in an already busy calendar.

The challenges are eased if we are given reasonable warning. However, to be told the day of, as happened last week when we turned up on-site as booked, is frustrating and expensive as we cancel hotels, flights, rental cars and couriers.

We have taken to calling two and three times to confirm installation bookings – but that didn’t help last week. We appreciate that unexpected circumstances can arise – like illness and landlord issues. With a shopfitting delay, from our own experience, we’d think you could see it coming.



  1. We have found that this common problem occurs all year round but agreeably mainly around christmas time.

    It seems like everyone has put off majority their new fitouts and renovations until the end of the year causing MAJOR CHAOSwhy?


  2. Shopfittings Direct,

    I always understood that this was done to leverage increased trade from the Christmas/New Year period. That way more customers are exposed to a brand new shopfitt – creating the best perception possible in the shortest amount of time for the largest amount of people.


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