We took three calls between 6:30pm and 7pm one night earlier this week from three clients asking for advice about an EDI file they were expecting from a supplier but had not received. The lack of the EDI file meant they could not prepare the business for the next morning. In each case they called us because they knew we would be available – the supplier’s Help Desk has closed two hours earlier.

While I was happy to take the calls, it reminded me of how many calls like that we take in a day which really should go to a supplier first but they come to us because we are easier to reach. Maybe this explains why bigger companies have some speed humps between their Help Desk and the customer. The speed humps qualify the call and can lead to the customer realising they have the answer or accessing the answer from the website site or other resources.

It makes me wonder if our accessibility leads to call overhead, adding to the cost of the support service. It is something we will look into to ensure that our resources are spent on issues which are our responsibility to our customers.