sales_team.JPGFive of us (our sales team) are flying back to Australia as I write, having been in Hong Kong for four days soaking up this city which never slows down.

We have seen some amazing sights, lost a bet or two in Macau, enjoyed some wonderful food and had our view of the world expanded as happens with international travel.

Our sales team (Tim, Luke, Nathan and Andrew) earned the trip with stellar results in the first quarter of this year and while we left Australia expecting a holiday, work was never far away thanks to mobile phones, email and the collective experience of seeing another culture and sharing learnings which apply to what we do.

A central theme of the trip was customer service, exceptional customer service. On the plane, in the hotel, in taxis, at restaurants and even in the toilet. The focus on customer service was exceptional and we talked about how it is cultural for some and mechanical for others. The best customer service was that delivered as if the person providing the exceptional service got pleasure from this.

Beyond the wonderful collective experience, I will certainly remember this trip as one of the best from a customer experience perspective. I hope it reflects on Tower Systems through my work and that of my fellow travelers.