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Improving newsagent IT compliance

Talk to any newsagent supplier and they will complain about lack of compliance by newsagents it industry agreed IT standards. While I have a view that the suppliers have the major played a role in facilitating non compliance for years, through weak management of IT standards, some are now actively engaged in resolving the situation. This change is most welcome.

The renewed interest in compliance by suppliers has coincided with a project of our own initiative. Our Customer Service Manager has developed the strategy and he is overseeing it roll out across our non-compliant newsagent customers. This project all but guarantees that the Tower Newsagents we target become compliant. There are some hurdles to success such as broadband access in store but we are working on that.

Michael and his team will connect to client sites to correct data and other issues – proactively helping them across the compliance line. Even though we have more compliant newsagents than any other software company, we want more because with compliance comes strength in our view.

This project is important not only for our customers but also for the broader newsagent community needing to resolve the compliance issue.


  1. Mark,

    Compliant to what and compliant to who. What do we newsagents get for this compliance.

    We just received a friendly reminder from xchangeit that our membership renewal is due soon.

    It seems we pay to provide others with free information. What do we get in return. Accurate or realistic magazine numbers or corrections to numbers when we ask for them. I think not. I think you think not to, going by previous posts about the need for a magazine Czar.

    I think suppliers are quick to complain, quick to take free information but slow in providing a service that the free information would afford them to help us help them. But then again, why would they want to fix a problem that gives them our cash flow.

  2. Leon,

    Compliant to the IT standards agreed between newsagents, suppliers and software companies several years ago. It is the common ground all agreed to.

    I agree about the issue of data – it’s something newsagents need to have their associations take up.


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