Our launch of eziPass, the platform enabling the sale of electronic vouchers direct and exclusively from within our point of sale software has excited many. Beyond new prospects calling to take a look at Tower Systems, we have been approached by suppliers keen to see their vouchers added to the platform as well as at least one competitor wanting to offer eziPass through their software.

What we have deployed is truly unique at the small business end of the point of sale space. Beyond the traffic and revenue this will generate for our users, the technology feat for small business is considerable.

We have made the sales counter simpler yet considerably added to the range of products on offer without increasing the inventory costs for our customers. This is where we are most proud – delivering something truly valuable without any cost to our customers.

From a geek perspective, the ability to pull voucher based inventory direct from international brand suppliers and print them locally to tight QA controls with all appropriate financial and security controls is a massive feat.

As you may be able to tell, we are way proud.