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Rewarding retail success

The employee sales tracking tools in our software are being put to excellent use by one client who uses them to reward successful employees. While all employees earn award wages, many are earning up to 33% more in weekly bonuses thanks to our tracking of sales.

This retail business never paid such bonuses until the owner started using our software. Now, a year on, the business is having one of its best years ever thanks, in part, to the bonus payments and employees chasing their share of the spoils of success.

While we have tacked sales by employees for years, it was mid through last year that we delivered some enhancements suggested by users which made these tools even more valuable.

Many small businesses have trouble attracting and keeping employees – using these tools to track above average employee sales success – where they contribute to winning business which might otherwise pass by – businesses can show real respect.

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  1. Mark, time permitting this would present a wonderful opportunity for a case study to be presented to newsagents. Even a paper at a conference.

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