We are seeing the benefits of increased Help Desk staff with calls being responded to sooner. On an average day we process150 incidents. These often lead to in excess of 200 calls. More than half are handled on the inbound call, 25% are called back within 15 minutes and the rest within a couple of hours.

On top of the calls there are inbound requests for help by email, fax, letter and direct from within our software – users can log a request for support within point of sale.

Close to 50% of support contacts are resolved by providing advice already published on our website. On the one hand this is frustrating – taking time to answer questions for which answers are readily available. On the other hand, our Help Desk is there for people to call when they feel they need it.

We are extending our training of our reception team so that they can provide basic assistance. This usually means finding the right advice sheet on our website. This training should help us eliminate 30 to 40 calls a day getting to a Help desk person and therefore free them up for more critical work.

Our approach to the Help Desk is to keep it personal. We don’t like the automated phone systems where you’re in a queue forever. We also don’t like keeping people for too long – hence the new team members we have brought on board this year.

A good help desk is a work in progress – we’ll remain focused on this goal.