Thanks to our expanded Help Desk team we have been able to allocate additional resources to the quality assurance of our software. Given the major enhancements being released in the last quarter of this year, access to the additional resources is timely.

Being a tester is a senior role in our business. It requires an intimate knowledge of the requirements of our users, a deep level knowledge of our technology and its architecture, the business goals of new functionality and a forensic approach to the testing task.

Our testers are the third round of in-house testing with our developers and their manager engaged in the first two rounds.

Over the last two weeks, Jonathan Tay has been diligently testing software enhancements as part of round three. Each day he passes on a written report of issues discovered and questions which are unanswered. As the process evolves, the software improves as happens with such projects. With some enhancements we have reached an acceptance level which has enabled live in-field testing.

While our sales team and some customers want their changes done yesterday, we take the view that the enhancements will show us when they are ready for wider release – by being useful and stable. Our view is that there is no point in rushing exceptional software. An extra week or two pursuing better software will be better for all concerned.