truck.JPGThis truck blocked my access to our car park for ten minutes or so yesterday. The driver saw me waiting, looking cross several times, but went about his business.

When I called out about moving so I could access our driveway he said all I had to do was ask. He told me he is not a mind reader. Okay, he’s not a mind reader – but I at least expected him to be observant.

I blame Guy Road Constructions and the Glen Eira council for yet another interruption to business because of their works – even though neither was to blame for this chap’s behaviour.

The incident caused me to think about how many parties outside our company are responsible for carrying forward our service levels. Couriers, hardware manufacturers, contracted warranty providers, phone companies – there is a long list of third parties on which we rely to act as an extension of our business. All you need is a smart-alec truck driver like the chap on the road in front of our office yesterday to make your company look bad. That he is a sub-contractor matters little in my view, just as courier companies and others serving us matter little to our customers.

We are reviewing supplier relationships to ensure that each customer contact point outside our direct and personal control is the best it can be. We want to take every step possible to ensure we have no truck drivers like my mate.