We have signed contracts to extend the VPN which connects our offices. The work, once done, will connect our Brisbane office with the Melbourne / Sydney network already in place. This means we will add local Brisbane call support to what we already offer clients in Melbourne and Sydney.

While the Brisbane work is being done, we are taking to opportunity to upgrade line capacity between Sydney and Melbourne and also upgrade capacity within Melbourne itself.

The net result of this investment is a better outcome than a toll free service as the phone system and supporting technology provides access to our team no matter where they are located. This is enabling us to expand our help desk even though our Melbourne office is close to capacity.

I think that the days of concentrating a help desk call centre in one city for a company our size are over. Certainly the technology we are acquiring at the moment helps us achieve this.

The work in Brisbane will coincide with the commencement of another new Brisbane based support team member and the commencement of walk-in support out of our Brisbane office. Thankfully, our new office in Capalaba is providing us with pelenty of capacity to serve the expanding Queensland client base.