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You can’t train for exceptional service

Delivering good customer service is a challenge. You can’t train people to do it. Sure you can train them in your software and provide the resources necessary for them to answer questions and guide better use of the software – but, you cannot train people to provide good service. Good service, I mean really good customer service, is something personal, it comes from within because it is what you believe.

I was reminded of this the other night when two of our help desk team were here an hour after we had closed for the day and switched to our after ours phones. Both had clients they were helping and wanted to stay here until the job was done. They were not asked to stay, they made the decision themselves. This is a personal trait, something no amount of training can teach. Either you put customers first or you don’t.

Right across Tower Systems we have people who who put in extraordinary effort above and beyond their defined roles. They do this our of personal commitment and pride. Sometimes I see this and other times I do not. When I do see it, I am humbled because here is an individual who could have left at knock-off time. Instead, they went above and beyond and without chasing thanks. Every day I am grateful as, I am sure, are our customers.

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  1. Mark,

    Thank you for your comments regarding good customer service. I appreciate your honesty and futility to good customer service training. The reality is you either believe in it or you don’t. I was looking at cars the other day and I was amazed at the fact that slimy sales tactics are still at work. Lying to a customer to sell that car is just ridiculous. Selling products is just a crazy thing done in the past. Sales today is about selling solutions. Solutions-based selling offers a more personal, naturally-customized solution to a problem the customer needs help with relieving. This is really the basis for companies who would like to maintain small customer service departments. If you want to have good customer service, you must hire people who practice good customer service. True indicators of those who do not have good service:

    1. Person has been in sales for over 5 years and doesn’t bring a single customer with them
    2. Person has no preferred vendor established relationships
    3. Sales with high turnover rates
    I would stay weary of potential employees refecting your company’s name with these type of reputations. After all, this person is the direct connect to the customer, not you. Make the most of your choice. And do not b scared to pay the money necessary! Good customer service is worth their weight and gold! Your bottom line will reflect this.


    Alecia Chrin
    AC & DH Distribution LLC

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