I was talking with the owner of a gift shop yesterday who had just been given a presentation about a generic point of sale system. They wanted to know why our software was better.

My brief pitch of we’re gift shop software specialists didn’t cut it. Rightly, they wanted detail. Over the course of the next forty five minutes I took them into the detail of our software for gift shops and demonstrated how our specialist software better served their needs than generic point of sale software.

They liked how we handled lay-bys, packaging, customer loyalty and, especially, rewarding employees. These are all facilities implemented in a way to carefully serve the needs of gift shops. They also liked the work we are doing with some key gift shop suppliers.

There is more to point of sale than being to process a sale, track GST and do some basic business performance reporting. Local computer shops and other front line representatives of off the shelf generic point of sale systems need to better research the needs of their customers. Sure a MYOB or Quick Books might be cheaper, but that does not mean it is better value for the business.