Hiring for our on site installation and training team is a challenge. It is demanding work which involved considerable travel and a need to work unsupervised – making key decisions without the support of an office team.

It takes between three and six months for someone to truly settle into this role and fully represent Tower Systems – beyond the knowledge of our software, knowing the decisions we would make in each situation and just our we want training delivered, beyond the knowledge itself. We have no deadline since we focus on the long term.

It is difficult to interview for the right skills since it is about more than technical knowledge. We take care in the interview and other material provided prior to hiring to fully disclose the nature of the work and the challenges, it’s only when you’re in the role that you feel it. Success in this role is about wanting to prove something to yourself, enjoying your own company, being happy away from home and being able to see through fog to core issues which need attention.

This is on my mind today because one of our new team members who joined us five weeks ago has decided this role is not for him. While we are sad to lose such a skilled person and a nice bloke, we have wished him the best and vowed to maintain contact – which we will do!

Our retention track record is good but the considerable growth this year highlights the need for us to find a better way for prospective candidates to feel the work before signing on. This is why we’re offering paid trial periods to candidates who are interested. By shadowing one of our skilled team members, they are able to see the highs and lows first hand and understand the demands which will, be placed on them if they were to join us.

Serving in the small business marketplace is challenging because we are often entering businesses without the necessary structure in the IT and related areas. We know from people is mid size and bigger business IT installation areas that they don’t have these challenges – they can take a cookie cutter approach. The reinventing the wheel, which is an aspect of small business we enjoy, has a time and focus cost and it is this which can wear on the patience of installation people.

Another change we are making is offering contact with existing team members, as references, following an interview. We feel that the more open we are about the work the better the outcome from the recruiting process.

So, we’re looking again. If you know someone in Queensland looking for IT installation / training work and they enjoy travel, working alone and want a challenge please get them to make contact.