We have decided to add value to the user meetings we announced here last week by making one of our Help Desk team members available prior to each meeting for one on one time. This time will need to be scheduled. The schedule of free users meetings is as follows:.

Perth: 28/11 at 2pm – 5pm (open day)
Perth: 29/11 at 9:30am – User Meeting
Melbourne: 30/11 at 10:00am – New Owner
Melbourne: 30/11 at 1:00pm – User Meeting
Geelong: 3/12 at 10:00am – User Meeting
Albury: 4/12 at 11:00am – User Meeting
Sydney: 5/12 at 10:00am – New Owner
Sydney: 5/12 at 2:00pm – User Meeting
Coffs Harbour: 6/12 at 10:00am – User Meeting
Canberra: 7/12 at 2:00pm – User Meeting
Brisbane: 11/12 at 10:00am – New Owner
Brisbane: 11/12 at 2:00pm – User Meeting
Rockhampton: 12/12 at 10:00am – User Meeting
Hobart: 17/12 at 11:00am – User Meeting
Launceston: 18/12 at 10:00am – User Meeting

Book your place by email.