I am pleased to announce two new management appointments within Tower Systems.

Gavin Williams has been promoted to the role of General Manager and joins our executive team of Norman Partington (Group Financial Controller) and myself (Managing Director). Gavin’s new role has a broad focus and carries senior management responsibility for – installation, training, support, development and admin. Gavin joined Tower Systems ten years ago in a support role having worked at our newsagency on a part time basis while at university. For the last six years he has managed our software development team and managed key projects within our business.

Jonathan Tay has been promoted to the role of Software Development Manager. Jonathan has been with Tower Systems for three years, serving as one of our most senior installation and training specialists. He has also played a key role in testing of updates. Jonathan joined us after successfully completing his Bachelor of Computing at Monash University. In this new role, Jonathan has responsibility for managing our design and development teams, product QA and change management.

Gavin and Jonathan are ideal candidates for their respective new roles. Their knowledge and skill extends our strategic management capabilities and will help us make significant advances in 2008.

I feel most fortunate that we have been able to fill two crucial roles from within the business.

We are currently recruiting to fill the vacancy Jonathan’s promotion creates within our installation and training team.