It has been a busy week within Tower Systems following the changes announced here on Monday. Gavin Williams has been busy transitioning from his role as Software Development Manager to that of General Manager and Jonathan Tay has been transitioning from his role on on site installation and training person to Software Development Manager.

Part of the transition includes a redefining of the roles and the processes they manage. This is essential in and management change. The changes reflect the person in the role as well as the need for the business to evolve.

Jonathan and Gavin have spent the week working closely together on plans for 2008. This work has included a review of all suggestions put by our users, requirements outlined by several suppliers and consideration of our own plans. We will reflect the needs of the three groups in software enhancements released in 2008.

The work of the last week will be further discussion in our national support team meeting on Monday and our National sales Meeting on the same day. We are flying all team members to Melbourne Sunday for our Christmas Party and the national meetings Monday. It is important we reflect the views of people working at the coal face in our plans for 2008. Those in most face to face contact with out customers have more knowledge about customer needs.

The changes announced this week have been a long time in their planning. They, and other changes I am planning within the business, will strengthen Tower Systems for 2008 and ensure that our service levels, a valued point of difference, are even better next year.