Jonathan Tay, our new Software Development Manager has spent much of his first two weeks in the job reviewing suggestions put by our user community over the last year. Some suggestions have already been done, others need further consideration, others have been scheduled and the last group is those rejected.

Every suggestion has now been responded to with an update on its status provided to the user who put forward the suggestion.

This is a huge undertaking by Jonathan and the company as some suggestions can take an hour or two to research and properly consider.

We have not been as fast as we would like in addressing suggestions from users over the last two years. I’m not about to make excuses. Our focus, as reflected on Jonathan’s efforts, is to respond sooner – even if the answer is a no.

In the next few days we will introduce a more structured process for user suggestions – through a direct interface from our website and our internal CRM software. This will ensure suggestions are better tracked and responses managed according to our internal response goals.