We have finalised plans for our first online group training session for newsagents. Covering magazine management: arrivals, returns and supplier compliance, this free session will, help participants cut the time spent managing magazines while improving the financial return from the category.

The session will be run by one of our magazine management experts, an IT specialist with hands on experience managing magazines in a newsagency.

We have contracted to use high-end web conferencing software and services to facilitate professional management of the hosting of this and other online training events.

Access to the online training session will be free. All people will need is access to the Internet for the visual content and access to a phone for audio. We’ll provide a toll free line for phone access. We separate audio and visual because many small businesses don’t have sufficiently fast broadband to support streaming audio and video in a conferencing type environment.

Numbers will be limited to 15 to permit optimum interactivity and ensure that questions from all participants are fully answered.

We anticipate scheduling regular online group training sessions on a range of topics.