With many of our users trading today the call traffic to our After Hours service (since it’s a public holiday) has been considerable. I’m glad that we have rostered for full strength Help Desk coverage for the rest of the week because if today is anything to go off, there will not be the usual lull between Christmas and New Year. Certainly from a sales perspective, we install our first systems in 2008 right after New Year’s Day.

Years ago, we could run a skeleton team for two weeks from Dec 24. Not any more. It’s a good thing. Indeed, it surprises me when I go to some high street shopping areas and find businesses closed for three, even four, weeks after Christmas. It’s in these times that shopping malls get stronger. Likewise it’s in these times when people using other systems try us out because we easily accessible.

We’re going to be additionally busy for the rest of this week as we finalise arrangements for the release of a major software update.