Our Melbourne Head Office was a hive of activity right up to Christmas Eve as we had all team members in for a series of meetings. Our sales team caught a glimpse of our plans for the first quarter of 2008 and our technical teams compared notes and reviewed training and installation processes.

The most important benefit of the time together was time spent discussing and playing with our new CRM facilities. Our eighteen month long CRM project is touching every part of the business. We now have a single piece of software accessing a single database serving the marketing, sales, support, accounting and admin functions of our business. In a few weeks we will turn our attention to our customer interface – but more on that another time.

With our significant expansion this year, getting people together to share something of the Tower history and culture is important. The personal service traditions which have made us successful are crucial to the growth we are chasing in 2008.

In addition to regular support services between now and mid January, we are using the time to train those who have just joined our expanded help desk team – we prefer to bring on new people before they are needed.